Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moments before leaving Swinburne Sarawak

After having the final exam, then that comes to the end of the semester. relief.......and good bye to the library where i stay almost eveyday from Monday to Friday. Immediately after the exam, I am going to submit the course withdrawl form and also my student ID. meet friends in the library and elsewhere in the campus and say farwell to them since they were with me semester and semester. Sunny afternoon, the heat comes everywhere and forced me to stay in the library. As this is my last day sit in the library , I download many computer drivers and many email to sent to the administrator so that i can leave the campus smoothly. Time continue to fly, as hour pass by, my "journey" in Swinburne Sarawak comes to an end. My dear friend, Steven Chung invited me couple of days before to go for a dinner. i finished my all nessesary downloads and wait for him to come over to pick me up. the old memories of what am i did in those early days keep on playing in my mind. We go to the Hartz chicken for dinner and before that we go for a window shopping around. Steven eat many food he and same things is going to happen to me. I enjoy the fried chicken and other food i like. Here we chat with each other about our life , school, and many other topics that come to our mind. We eat a lot ,like Steven eat as much as he can until he feel very full. After dining, what we think is back home as it is not convinience to go other places with a full stomach. After Steve sent me back, he and i still having our conversation going on and on in front of my home. It was a night with good weather, we chat under the moonlight. I was uncontious that the time has come to 10.30 p.m. and it is late already. Steve is having his exam in Thursday so is time to say good bye and farewell to each other. i went back to my room and have to finalise my packing process. My flight back to sibu is just tomorrow morning, get ready all things and do inspection again make sure that all my belongings is with me. i sleep late that night as i am have to make sure all the things are ready. i wake up pretty early next morning as i have wait for my aunty to pick me up with all my heavy luggages. I go to airport straight away with my relative and go onboard. Finally back to Sibu.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My upcoming Australia overseas trip- Tasmania

Nowadays many of my friends asked me about why I am going to Tasmania but not some other part of Australia like Melbourne , Sydney, Perth , Adelaide or somewhere else. Actually, I tough about where I am going for quite some time since year 2008 just that i cannot make up my mind within a short period as i have o know more about the relevant places and think carefully before any decision can be made. During the long holiday in the end of the year 2008 and the beginning of year 2009, it start to become more clear for me about where should i go. After Chinese New Year, i start the application progress. I start to apply for University of Tasmania (UTAS) and during march 2009 i apply for Swinburne Melbourne Campus. At first, there is a possibility that the UTAS will require me to have a IELTS ( International English Language Testing Tools). It is a english testiong tools commonly apply for overseas student to Australia , New Zealand, Great Britian and any other countries to proof the student English Language proficiency. The uni will set a requiremnet for you like band 6.5 and if you not archieve that, you maybe ask to take the uni programmes to improve your English level. At first, i have a strong sense that i may not need to have this test as i already study in a uni for 2 years (at least). Then i reluctant to take the the test and pray to the God that i no need to having this test. Then, I decide to wait until my offer letter arrives and see what the letter say about that. I start my degree year 2 first sem and progress with my studies. After a few week, I had been inform that my Swinburne Melbourne offer letter had arrived but the UTAS letter still need me to wait.

Finally after one month later, i recieved the letter of enrollment from UTAS. God saved me, I not need to go for the exam as the letter gives me three choices for me to choose. There is a way that i only need to show evidence that i had undertake studies for last 2 years using English as the sole medium of instruction and exams. Then, I brough the letter to the student service centre to ask for an official letter to proof all those stuffs. Then, another month later, i receive a fresh offer letter with the English requirements removed... Hurray...God had clear the way for me...( About the Swinburne Offer letter, i applied it as a backup just in case anything unexpected happen to the UTAS application). As my primary choice is UTAS, that is the great news for me. I accept the offer letter by signining it and return it to relevant officer. I had to sent and receive many emails, scan documents and use courier services to post the document betwen Sibu and Kuching. everything goes smoothes and I always oversee each of the application processes and make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible. Then, i came to the most important and curcial application part- Visa application and medical check up. I worried about the medical check up part and God help me again . The check up process moved smoothly beyond my expectation!! i just finish all the check ups within an hour!!!! ... my result is fine and i get my visa approved within a week... YES !!! Finally finish all the application process.... can have a good night sleep.... Thans GOD helping me so much throughout the processes... and now i only left some final process to finish off before i leave Swinburne Kuching here like return my student ID to the office there and fill up the forms before I go. I choose to go there as I like there more than other places. i like the cool air there and also the quite environment. I first saw the map of Australia emm i think the earliest during primary school i already noticed about the island i have a little wish that i can go there one day.. and now after so many years my wish come truth... Thanks GOD.


Time flies... 2 years and 3 months just passed like that... too short ...Now only 2 days left before I am back to Sibu. And that will be the end of my live in Swinburne Sarawak Campus here and next Monday will be a special day for me as there will be the last few hours i am around in the campus. Look and think back.... since foundation, I am just coming after stressful Form 5. I know nothing about the uni and i also donno what is going on in a Uni... unbelieveable .....Haha. beside thsi , i am also a computer idiot , if i know , maybe the most i know is how to start a computer and start a webpage.... In foundation, I meet a friend, my fisrdt friend - Steven Chung Chin Fong who reside at the next door to me. He talked with me some studies in the foundation and give me a basic idea ho foundation is look like.. so much tnak to him. He brings me around and also to laundry room ( i still can remember) and introduce to me the way to wash and clean the clothes and many more. As i am the first to enter the room , there is another bed for my coming roomate which I wonder who is it. I still can remember that the things that i brough out from Sibu is new and it gives me a feeling that i have to start my new life here. Stationary is new, file floder is new , laptop also new, tooth brush and tooth paste also new, and also my room is new and I am the first occupant. First few night, i still blur where I am . I still can remember that the road is near my room and I not need an alarm clock to wake me up as the vehivle sound is loud enough to wake me...I am still blur where i am during the first few days and I tried to walk around. i found that the hostel spoace is quite limited. the school campus only consist only one building with a small cafeteria beside. Most of the area is still under construction and i have been told that the building will be the future campus building. Foundation live starts ... go for lecture and tutorials ... and slowly catch up the syllabus. The weather is too hot some days and the school have to fully open its air-ond system ..During the raining days, the school become packed with students waiting at the lobby and aslo cafeteria .. The lifts is always crowded and i have to wait minute to minute. Two small lifts and lots of students is there waiting to use it ends up with wasting time wait and wait. Foundation live is going on like that day by day and come to the end. Here came the end of foundation. The degree live started after the school announce who is eligible to enter into degree programme.
Degree life just starts like that and now i know much more about computer things through the discovery by myself. I meet more friend like Philip Phang Lip Kian, known as Filik, Chin Ping , Tiong Xun Yih also and lots more. During the degree first my friends and i always form in groups and facing all those tough and high requirements syllabus like Orgainsation and Managemnet and FIS. During the year -2008, I went to PC fair , stamp and banknotes exhibition and Thanks to Sing De as you bring me there... Thanks you..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Few Days Left

As the semester nearly ends, it means that I have few days left before I leave Kuching. Time flies.. For me, it still seems like the semester just start last week... . I spend 2 years and 3 monthes in Kuching here and i still can remember clearly what is the activity done when I first arrive Swinburne at 23 March 2007- putting down my lagguage in the hostel room!!! HM 002.....and go to the uni finish my enrollmnet procedure and request a marketing staff to help me to arrange my timetable...orientation is quite boring as i didn't interest in all thise games provided...........and this start my live in Swinburne... I still can remember in the late evening that day i went to cafeteria and order a plate of crispy tomato noodels... and this is the first time i know the boss of the cafeteria..haha until now we are familiar....At that period , the uni is still expanding thecampus by building up new buildings. it just start construct not long ago.... and what i can see is the ugly cement and bricks and also dirty and messy construction place...... that evening also raining heavily. I feel a bit excited and wonder what is uni life and can't believe i am now entering a uni... Anyway, life start here. Start to go into foundation and meet Mr. Chan teaching me ( I am so happy as I am not in George class) and also start to meet some friends.. Now i still can remember the corridor of the capus is always full of students standing there waiting calss or walking elsewhere .The library is small and with a scary cool air inside which i think the air is not so fresh for me to breath and also full of various rules and makes me not to go into it unless for some purposes. I also dislike the campus that is always crowded with people in the lift , staircase, corridors, and almost everywhere. That is my first impresion about this uni. I go through my foundation studies and faced lots of challenge in the subjects that I took. Then I went on my studies to degree programme where I met more friends during that peroid. So, life went on and I always busy with my works related to the studies.
Now, I have to leave Swinburne and this means all these will become a piece of memory I have in my mind. I have to thanks all my friends who give support to me and also spend time with me. Special thanks to Steve, Filik, Tiong, Chin Ping, Zhen Shen, Sing De, Shirley, Michelle, and many that i can't list out the names... Anyway, I appreciate your help and you will be in my memories...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Count Down....

These are the few weeks I will be in Swinburne. Good bye my friends......

Monday, June 1, 2009


Final is coming!!!!!!!!!!Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

First blog

Hai, my friends. This is my first time to write a blog. HeHe. I have no idea at the moment what to write. ^_^.